September 27, 2023

“Colostrum is the preliminary milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals once they give beginning,” explains board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, M.D. “It is wealthy in vitamins, antibodies, antioxidants that assist to nourish the infant and assist construct the infant’s immune system. It modifications to common breast milk after two to 3 days.” So it’s not common breast milk—it’s supercharged breast milk. 

The colostrum powders you see lining the complement aisle usually come from cows (aka, bovine colostrum), and so they’re brimming with nutritional vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, antibodies and different immune system proteins, progress hormones, fat, and carbohydrates, King shares. If you ingest these vitamins, they’ll theoretically assist help your immune system and intestine well being. 

“Researchers have discovered that bovine colostrum supports immune function5 and intestinal health6 and may help forestall higher respiratory diseases,” provides superstar chef, nutritionist, and reiki grasp Serena Poon, C.N., CHC, CHN. “Colostrum can be great for your skin6!” 

Let’s dive into these skin-related advantages, we could? Very first thing’s first: Colostrum and collagen are usually not frenemies—they really work synergistically. “Colostrum helps stimulate collagen production7,” notes Poon. 

As we mentioned up prime, “Collagen is a protein that your physique creates naturally that offers your pores and skin elasticity,” she provides. “Pure manufacturing of this protein decreases with age, so individuals are usually searching for methods to help this course of.”  

And because of these progress elements and immunoproteins, colostrum could assist with fibroblast activation, wound therapeutic, and tissue restore, says King—all of which occur to be prime notch advantages for wholesome pores and skin getting older. “[Colostrum] has even been proven to repair damaged skin8,” says Poon.