September 26, 2023

Scientists at Penn State have developed a microneedle bandage that may quickly cease bleeding. Uncontrolled bleeding following a traumatic harm is a significant reason behind loss of life within the younger, and growing new medical applied sciences that may quickly cease bleeding can be extremely useful. This bandage accommodates an array of biodegradable and biocompatible microneedles made utilizing a gelatin methacryloyl biomaterial. The machine additionally accommodates silicate nanoplatelets that give it its hemostatic properties, and the needle construction will increase the floor space for blood contact and helps to bind the bandage to the injured tissue.

Blood loss is a number one reason behind loss of life for People beneath the age of 46. If a traumatic harm happens, then stopping blood loss is the primary precedence. Blood loss from some accidents might be stopped by making use of a tourniquet, however this isn’t potential in each scenario and for each harm. A ready-to-use, extremely efficient hemostatic bandage can be a very helpful part in first assist kits or navy subject kits as a first-line protection towards these conditions.   

“Extreme bleeding is a critical problem for human well being,” mentioned Amir Sheikhi, a researcher concerned within the examine. “With hemorrhaging accidents, it’s usually the lack of blood — not the harm itself — that causes loss of life. There may be an unmet medical want for ready-to-use biomaterials that promote speedy blood coagulation.” 

These researchers turned to microneedle arrays as a method to cease bleeding. Medgadget has reported on microneedle bandages earlier than, however usually they’re conceived as a method of drug or vaccine supply. On this paradigm, the microneedles act to considerably improve the floor space of the bandage that contacts the blood rising from the wound, and improve the adhesion between the bandage and the wound, which additionally helps with wound closure.

Up to now, the researchers have examined the bandage in a rat liver bleeding mannequin, the place it confirmed spectacular efficacy and lowered bleeding by roughly 92% in contrast with an untreated management group. The bandages additionally outperformed a business hemostat in lowering bleeding.

In vitro, the engineered microneedle arrays lowered clotting time from 11.5 minutes to 1.3 minutes; and in a rat liver bleeding mannequin, they lowered bleeding by greater than 90%,” mentioned Sheikhi. “These 10 minutes might be the distinction between life and loss of life.”

Research in journal Bioactive Supplies: Tissue adhesive hemostatic microneedle arrays for rapid hemorrhage treatment

By way of: Penn State