September 25, 2023

One of many questions I’m requested daily is “How uncommon is my character kind?” From ENTJs to ISFPs, folks wish to know in the event that they’re uncommon. Why? Likelihood is, it’s as a result of rarity is commonly thought-about synonymous with “worth.” Many individuals consider that if they’ve a uncommon character kind, they may due to this fact be extra useful; that they’ve some type of particular clout that enables them to face out from the group. Others consider that understanding their rarity will assist them to make sense of various misunderstandings of their lives.

The reply isn’t a simple one. Whereas it’s true that every character kind is exclusive, the truth is that none of us are fully alone in our personalities. Some sorts could also be extra widespread than others, however none of them are an actual cookie-cutter model of anybody else of their kind. You could belong to some of the widespread character sorts (ISTJs, for instance) and nonetheless really feel like you might be considerably misunderstood and remoted. In case you’re one of many rarest sorts (an INTJ maybe) but you encompass your self with related folks, you may end up shocked to see how uncommon your kind actually is!

However let’s get into what this publish is basically all about…

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Are ISFPs Uncommon? Unleashing the Thriller

In an effort to get the reply to this query, I’m going to seek the advice of The MBTI® Guide. Within the latest edition, it tells us that ISFPs account for six.6% of the U.S. inhabitants, which makes them the eleventh rarest character kind. Which means that in a bunch of 100 folks, chances are you’ll discover 6 or 7 ISFPs within the combine. Hardly an enormous quantity!

Why ISFPs Typically Really feel Uncommon or Uncommon

ISFPs, like different Introverted Feeling sorts, typically really feel like misfits or non-conformists. They march to the beat of their very own drum, and slightly than making an attempt to suit into the established order, they get pleasure from being totally different. This impartial angle, together with their naturally quiet nature, typically makes them seem mysterious and even complicated.

ISFPs’ deep-rooted particular person values stem from Introverted Feeling, a cognitive operate that focuses on evaluating data in line with deep, individually-held values. This cognitive operate allows them to navigate life by staying true to their private beliefs and following their hearts. When everybody else is strolling in a single course, the ISFP asks, “Will I really feel good in my coronary heart if I am going that method? Will or not it’s sincere? Will I really feel inner battle?”

The extra the group is shifting in a single course, the extra the ISFP may really feel skeptical and ask themselves, “Is that this actually the genuine course for me?” They’ve a better tolerance for being totally different and strolling in a singular course. This will many occasions make them really feel in contrast to others, as in the event that they don’t fairly “slot in.”

ISFPs even have a heightened sense of the essence of others and are well-known for decoding peoples’ motivations and intents. One of these notion can typically make them seem sensible and insightful, and it’s not unusual for ISFPs to know extra about folks than these individuals are wanting them to know. They’re masters at recognizing phony habits, manipulation, or dishonesty, and so they instinctively know when one thing doesn’t really feel proper.

A look at the ISFP cognitive functions. #ISFP #MBTI

Well-known ISFPs in Historical past

Regardless of their obvious rarity, ISFPs have made important contributions to society all through historical past. Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of america, is thought for his fiercely impartial angle and want to face up for what he believed in. He additionally paved the way in which for racial equality within the nineteenth century.

The legendary musician Bob Dylan is extensively believed to be an ISFP, and his introspective nature enabled him to create a few of the most iconic songs and albums of all time. His music was centered on freedom, authenticity, and particular person expression.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a famend Zen grasp, absolutely embodies the ISFP kind along with his quiet but sensible spirit. Whereas residing in Vietnam, he began a motion known as Engaged Buddhism and taught the world meditation and the worth of peace over warfare.

Michael Jackson and his affect on music tradition is one other glorious instance of the brilliance of the ISFP character kind. He used his internal ardour in addition to his creativity to deliver music to life and create an id that was unforgettable and all its personal.


In conclusion, ISFPs will not be absolutely the rarest of character sorts, however they’re nonetheless distinctive and one-of-a-kind as people. Their capability to remain true to their values and struggle for what they consider in has helped the world to have extra integrity, course, and honor. ISFPs have contributed a lot to our society and are vital to acknowledge and honor of their distinctive brilliance.

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